Mr. Douglas Funk from Solon Foundation visits Moldova

The representative of Solon Foundation, Luzern Mr. Douglas Funk visited Moldova for the third time. Solon Foundation supports the university studies of 50 needy students from different areas of the country. Mr. Funk had the opportunity to visit the students of the project at home, to get to know their parents and grandparents, as well as to see their living conditions. He discussed with them about their studies, about their plans for the future.

Mr. Funk could also visit the former students, who benefited from the project, at their work.

At the same time, a meeting with all students from the project took place on Wednesday, September 6. It was a lovely meeting, where they could get to know each other.

A great surprise for the school-children from Petrovca

Today is the first school day. The children go to school full of joy and hope to acquire new knowledge, to develop skills that prepare them for the future.

What a great surprise the children from the villages Petrovca, Vladimirovca, Evghenievca and Antonovca, who attend the school from Petrovca, had, when they saw the different-looking school today! New windows and doors, repaired front steps, foundation rain protection around the building, a new heating system, repaired kitchen. Curious and happy they examined every corner – finally they will not freeze in winter time!

A better kitchen for the school from Petrovca

The conditions in the kitchen wing of the school from Petrovca, district Singerei were very bad. The ventilation system was very old and out of use. There was no sink to wash the dishes. The cook washed the dishes in large bowls. Thanks to priest Hans Bock, Schierling, we could improve the conditions in the kitchen wing. A new ventilation system was installed. We bought and installed new kitchen sinks.

Further construction works in the school from Petrovca

It was necessary to carry out further construction measures for the good functioning of the school from Petrovca. There was no foundation rain protection around the building. The implementation of this measure was essential to protect the building from deterioration. The front steps were also in a poor condition.

The construction of the foundation rain protection and the repair of the front steps were supported by Mrs. Walder and father Erwin Benz from Switzerland.

With the implementation of this works, the school is fully ready to receive the children beginning with September 1.

A great contribution from Hilfswerk Liechtenstein

The children that attend the school from the village Petrovca, district Singerei feel themselves blessed. Not only the problem of bad-functioning heating system, but also that of bad windows and doors was solved.

The leaking windows and doors allowed the coldness and humidity penetrate. This is why the windows were calked with foam. The classrooms and corridors never got fresh air. With the installation of the new heating system we should think about rationally using the heating and keeping it in the rooms. Hilfswerk Liechtenstein responded to our help request and supported the work on order and installation of new windows and doors (a total of 83 windows and 14 doors). The District Council Singerei was also very active and helped whenever possible: removal of old windows and doors; plasterwork after installation of windows; finishing works on windows and doors after installing; discharge of construction materials; cleaning of classrooms; waste collection; accommodation of the workers.

It will be a great surprise for children, when they will come to school on September 1.

The school in Petrovca will remain open

The school from the village Petrovca, district Singerei is no longer in danger to be closed. This is the most beautiful gift, the children from four villages (Petrovca, Vladimirovca, Antonovca and Evghenievca), who attend the school in Petrovca, could get at the beginning of the school year.

One of the biggest problems of the school was the malfunctioning heating system. It was cold in winter in the classrooms: the temperature was never higher than 15 degrees. The children froze and wore winter jackets. It is to mention that two day care centers for 46 needy, social vulnerable children are placed in the school. These children worked in the classrooms after lessons despite cold and humidity.

This big problem was solved thanks to Mrs. Brigitta Walder and priest Erwin Benz from Switzerland. A brand new heating system with new boilers was installed. An autonomous power supply was also installed, so that the heating boilers can work up to 8 hours, if the power cuts. So, the whole building (over 2000 m2) is well heated. In addition, better insulating windows could be installed thanks to Hilfswerk Liechtenstein.

We are prepared for the cold season now. The best conditions for a productive and continuous learning in the cold period were created for the children. The school management, the parents and the children are very grateful for the great help and support.

“Hilfe für Osteuropa e.V.” brings a lot of joy to the needy families

Mrs. Ursula Honeck and Mr. Gunther Köllner from “Hilfe für Osteuropa e.V.”, Todtnau came to their second visit this year. Whenever they come to Moldova, they bring great joy to the needy families. Mrs. Honeck and Mr. Köllner were in Orhei and Edinet, in order to visit their projects there. In Chisinau, a meeting was organized with supported families. It was a wonderful meeting, where many words of gratitude were expressed.

The day care centers for children BUNVOLENTIA from the commune Gangura celebrate the 10th anniversary

Three day care centers for children BUNVOLENTIA from the commune Gangura, district Ialoveni celebrated the 10th anniversary. On this occasion, a great feast for the children was organized. Big slides and trampolines were transported to Gangura. Clowns entertained the children. They sang karaoke, ran, jumped, played. Cotton candy, juice and ice cream were offered to the boys and girls. All children were very happy. Such a day full of beautiful events Gangura has never seen.

The long-awaited and favorite time for the children

Summer is the most awaited and favorite time for all children. They have no school and may spend more time outdoors. For the children of the day care centers BUNVOLENTIA, the summer time is special, because they have the opportunity to make several trips. This time they were surprised with a trip to Chisinau to the dolphinarium. The children have never seen dolphins. That’s why they were so impressed and excited. The children could enjoy a delicious lunch in a pizzeria from Chisinau. It was a real feast for the boys and girls that they will never forget.

An official trip of the President of PRO UMANITAS

The President of the Charity Association PRO UMANITAS, Mr. Vladimir Nadkrenicinii, was on official trip in Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein at the end of June. In Germany and Austria he met the partners and discussed the current projects, as well as the possibility of implementing new projects. The participation in the 80th birthday of Priest Hans Bock, who is very committed to PRO UMANITAS, was on the agenda.

In Liechtenstein Mr. Nadkrenicinii met Priest Erwin Benz, Mrs. Beatrice Amann, the former President of the Hilfswerk Liechtenstein and got to know personally Mrs. Bettina Pelger-Sprenger, the new President. He handed over the report for the last project of the organization in Moldova (inner toilets in the school of Ciuciuieni). Mr. Nadkrenicinii came together with Bishop Leon and Priest Dr. Iaroslav from the Diocese of Kamianets-Podilskyi, Ukraine, in order to discuss with Priest Erwin about a possible dismantling and assembling of an organ in the Ukrainian diocese. Priest Erwin has experience in this area; thanks to him, an organ for a Catholic Church in Tiraspol, Moldova, was installed in the April 2017. The meeting in Liechtenstein was very pleasant and cordial.

A dream come true

The children from the day care center “St. Maria”, Grigorauca could make their dream come true – the girls and boys who participate actively in the life of the center were rewarded with a trip. They were in the dolphinarium from Chisinau, where they looked at a beautiful demonstration. For the first time the children saw dolphins, but also snakes and turtles.

A delicious lunch was expecting the children in MacDonald’s. They were very enthusiastic and returned to Grigorauca with happily radiant eyes. For sure they will never forget this day!

This beautiful action was supported by “Menschen Helfen e.V.”, Seehasuen.

Further newly installed sanitary facilities in the school from Mihailovca

We could solve the problem of the sanitary facilities in another village too. It is a small, poor village in the North of Moldova, Mihailovca. As in many other Moldovan village schools, the toilets in the school from Mihailovca were outside. Saying that the conditions in these toilets were bad, it is mildly speaking – some holes in the ground without doors, windows, water, electricity or heating. There was a major health risk for 64 school children.

Thanks to “Help for Children in Need” (HCN), Evilard, we could create best conditions for the children. Modern, well heated and illuminated inner toilets with water supply and sewage system were installed. It is hard to describe the happiness of the children, school teachers and management.

It is to mention that a day care center for 20 needy, socially vulnerable children is functioning in the school building.

Diocesan children’s day in Tiraspol

The Diocesan children’s day took place in the parish “Holy Trinity” of Tiraspol (priest Piotr Kuschman, the spiritual leader of PRO UMANITAS) on May 27, 2017. Children from various Catholic Parishes from Moldova (Chisinau, Grigorauca, Stircea, Balti, Riscani, Cretoaia, Stauceni, Transnistria) also traveled to Tiraspol. A group of 39 children from the day care center “St. Maria”, Grigorauca and 6 teachers of the center were present at this feast. Our children participated in the Holy Mass, as well as in various competitions. They also entered the stage. The children presented a wonderful performance with songs and dances.

For our children, it was an amazing day with many positive impressions.

Hilfswerk Liechtenstein for the children from Ciuciuieni

One of the biggest problems of the Moldovan schools are the sanitary facilities located outside. These have no doors and windows, no water, electricity or heating, no toilet paper and soap. In these circumstances, the risk for the health of children and adolescents is very big.

The school from the village Ciuciuieni (in the North of Moldova, district Singerei) had such problems. The local school was built in 1988 and is currently attended by 120 children from 6 to 16 years old. The toilets were outside and broke against all hygiene norms.

Thanks to Hilfswerk Liechtenstein, we could solve this problem and create best conditions for the children. The inner toilets are heated, illuminated. There is water, toilet paper, hand dryers and soap. The children are very happy.

It is to mention that a day care center for 25 needy, social vulnerable children is functioning in the school building.

“Menschen Helfen e.V.”, Germany on its annual visit in Moldova

The President of “Menschen Helfen e.V.”, Seehausen Dr. Robert Roithmeier and the Board Member Mr. Ingo Ingerl visited Moldova at the beginning of May. Dr. Roithmeier was accompanied by his family. Our German partners were in Grigorauca village, where they were warmly welcomed by the children from the day care center “St. Maria”. The children presented a wonderful performance in Russian and German. The guests received self-made children works.

They could also observe the implementation of smaller projects of the organization, as well as visit other projects of PRO UMANITAS.

Following the traditions

The President of “Help for Children in Need” (HCN), Evilard Mr. Peter Garst and the Vice President of HCN Mr. Edwin Hollenstein came for a visit in Moldova at the beginning of May. They were accompanied by their wives, Mrs. Martha Garst and Mrs. Beatrice Hollenstein. For Mr. Garst it was his 29th trip. Our Swiss partners visited the projects of HCN: 12 of 16 day care centers for children BUNVOLENTIA, day care center for elderly “Sf. Petru”, as well as other projects, including the day care center for children “St. Maria” from Grigorauca. They were welcomed everywhere with flowers and handmade gifts. The Garst family and the Hollenstein family could spend more time with the children and enjoy delicious lunches with them. It is important that the children are well fed and looked after. Our partners could convince themselves of that again.

Hollenstein family visits the day care center for children BUNVOLENTIA Iezarenii Vechi

Mrs. Beatrice and Mr. Edwin Hollenstein visited their children from the day care center BUNVOLENTIA Iezarenii Vechi on May 3, 2017. The boys and girls received the dear guests with bread and salt and a Moldovan dance.

Mrs. and Mr. Hollenstein could enjoy a delicious lunch with the children. They also spent a longer time with them, watched them in their daily activities. The kids had great joy in Swiss chocolate, which Ms. and Mr. Hollenstein brought for the children.

Hilfswerk Liechtenstein

Hilfswerk Liechtenstein is active in Moldova since 2005 and came in our country thanks to HCN. Since then, it helped thousands of needy people. Different children projects (over 320.000 EUR) were carried out and about 220 t of relief supplies were delivered to Moldova with the support of Hilfswerk Liechtenstein and under control of Mrs. Beatrice Amann. We cordially thank Mrs. Amann for her dedicated and great work for the needy people of our country.

During the 7th general meeting in Triesen, she handed over the presidency to Mrs. Bettina Pelger-Sprenger. We wish her all the best and God’s blessings for her work for the benefit of the needy people.

Easter in the day care center for children BUNVOLENTIA Gangura I

The girls from the day care center for children BUNVOLENTIA Gangura I prepared themselves for the holy Easter feast early and responsible. Every girl embroidered an icon with glass beads. They were in the Church on Easter Monday, where the local priest blessed the icons. Each girl from the center has now a blessed self-embroidered icon at home.

In addition to that, they gave a big icon to the Church.

Organ in Tiraspol

PRO UMANITAS helps often parishes too. Thus, we have already transmitted some electronic organs. We could even help that the parish of priest Piotr Kuschman, our distinguished and dedicated spiritual leader, received a real organ. The parish that carried out first a medical care unit, student apartments and a youth center, received for the new church a proper organ with 13 stops (two manuals and pedal). P. Erwin Benz was concerned about bringing the organ from Oberwaid St. Gallen, that was led by Baldegg sisters, in Tiraspol. The organ builder, Arno Caluori, set up the organ from April 2 till April 15, 2017. The son of the organist Anna Strezev, Mihail Strezev, helped actively in installation.

Dr. Klemens Büscher from Kindermissionswerk, Aachen in Moldova

Dr. Büscher from Kindermissionswerk, Aachen is in Moldova at present, in order to visit the projects of the organization. Today he has been in Grigorauca, where Kindermissionswerk has supported the repair and equipment of the kitchen wing and dining room in the local school. The children organized a wonderful reception. Dr. Büscher received a full basket with gifts made by children and many flowers. He also visited the school from Mihailovca, where Kindermissionswerk financed furniture for day care center for children BUNVOLENTIA Mihailovca.

Dr. Büscher could also see other projects of PRO UMANITAS (Day care center for children “St. Maria” and day care center for elderly “Sf. Petru”, Grigorauca).

A wonderful exhibition of children’s handworks

Within the seminar from April1, 2017 (Grigorauca) took place a wonderful exhibition of children’s handworks from 16 day care centers for children BUNVOLENTIA and the day care center “St. Maria”. Click on the video below:

The 19th seminar with a great exhibition of children’s handworks

The 19th seminar for coordinators and educators of all 16 day care centers for children BUNVOLENTIA and the day care center “St. Maria” was held in the village Grigorauca, district Singerei on April 1, 2017. A total of 43 people were present.

The seminar approached an important issue – performance motivation of children. Mrs. Pasa Svetlana, our coordinator of the regional office Singerei, showed a presentation about it. Some exercises were proposed to the participants. Mrs. Ilascu Larisa, our coordinator of the regional office Gangura spoke about the process of accreditation of social services. Four day care centers from the commune Gangura received the appropriate certificate for five years. The educators could talk about their problems and wishes. As always, it was an informative and interesting meeting.

A great exhibition with children’s handworks was also organized within the seminar. The educators took with them new ideas for working with children.

For the fifth time state-approved

PRO UMANITAS was approved by state as an organization of general utility for the fifth time today. The commission by the Ministry of Justice handed over the appropriate certificate. The certificate for organizations of general utility is offered once in three years.

A wonderful feast for women from needy children

The women’s day is celebrated in Moldova on March 8. It is a special feast for our children, because they can give great pleasure their mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and the women from native village. They start with the preparations for some time ago. The children make various gifts and organize performances with songs, dances and poems.

The children from the day care center “St. Maria” from Grigorauca prepared such a performance for the women of Grigorauca, Petropavlovca and Cozesti.

Our boys and girls are very happy, when they make gifts for their mothers. Although many children remained without maternal care, because they work abroad, they feel closer to their mothers. They make beautiful gifts hoping to offer them to their dear mothers, and thus to bring them great joy.

A group from Neumarkt on visit to Moldova

Priest Clemens Bombeck was on visit in Moldova with a small group from Neumarkt. Priest Clemens is the executive director of “Pro Moldavia e.V.” and committed to our country for 24 years.

The group was in different villages and visited several projects of PRO UMANITAS (including also some projects of “Pro Moldavia e.V.”). The children received them with great joy, handmade gifts and presentations. Our guests could also participate in the mass in Tiraspol.

Report of Activity 2016

With great joy we would like to announce that our annual Report of Activity 2016 is now available on our website under the Reports section.
An action of Caritas Pinkafeld (Mrs. Dita Tschandl) in Moldova

This winter is especially cold in Moldova. Children need to dress warmly and wear warm winter shoes to remain healthy. Unfortunately, not all children have warm winter shoes. This also hinders among other things the learning process, because they cannot go to school without warm shoes.

The children of the day care centers BUNVOLENTIA Petrovca and Vladimirovca are needy children with very few financial resources. They needed winter shoes, but their parents could not afford it. Caritas Pinkafeld together with Mrs. Dita Tschandl was worried about the fate of these children, so that they supported a beautiful action – winter shoes for 25 poorest children. The children are very happy and grateful!

Project of „Help for Children in Need“ (HCN) in Moldova
(Video, German)

“Bread for breadless“ – action for poor families from Cozesti

“Bread for breadless” is an action in the spirit of “Pro Moldavia e.V.”, Gladbeck. The women from the organization baked bread and sold it. The action was carried over to Moldova, in order to provide the poor people with bread.

This beautiful action started at the beginning of the year. 20 poorest families from a small, abandoned village in the North of Moldova (Cozesti) will receive daily fresh bread. The whole cold time, they will have bread on the table.

People are very grateful for this help. “Give your bread to those who are hungry, and your clothes to those who lack clothing.” (Tob. 4,16)

The tradition continues

Mrs. Ursula Honeck and Mr. Gunther Köllner from “Hilfe für Osteuropa“, Todtnau continue the tradition to be the first visitors at the beginning of the year. They take care of the needy people from Moldova over 20 years and give them great pleasure and support. Mrs. Honeck and Mr. Köllner come in our country twice a year and meet various families, to whom they provide assistance. They were in Orhei and Edinet, as well as in Chisinau. They also help different hospitals and talk about the aid transport and humanitarian goods, which are regularly delivered to Moldova.

A meeting with supported families took place in Chisinau today. As always, it was a cordial meeting with many emotions and words of gratitude.

New sanitary facilities in the school from Petrovca

When the schools in villages were built 20-30 years ago, the quality of works was not very good. Besides that the toilets were built then outdoors. This caused many problems: dirty, cold facilities without water and hygienic conditions, various diseases by the children.

The beginning of this year comes with big surprises for children from the school (construction year 1995) of Petrovca. We could solve the problem with the toilets in this school. Thanks to the support of “Help for Children in Need” (HCN), Evilard, we installed inner toilet rooms. We repaired the sanitary facilities, built a new water and sewage system and a ventilation system, installed new power supply and heating system, built partition walls, covered the floor and the walls with tiles, installed new doors and windows, bought washing and toilet bowls, hand dryers.

The children are very happy that they have new sanitary facilities in the school. It is to mention that two day care centers BUNVOLENTIA for 46 needy socially vulnerable children (financed by HCN) work there.